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Learn a trade, gain a skill, get certified, and become the professional you were meant to be.

What is an Installer Technician?

An Installer Technician for Knight Enterprises is a professional dedicated to bringing customer services to life. Our company provides a number of different home services, but our specialty is installation of cable, internet and phone.

As a new Installer Technician, you will learn the RF System pertaining to cable services, but it does not stop there. You can venture into Home Theater, Home Automation, Low Voltage and General Handyman installation.

Installer Technician Testimonial Head Shot
“It’s nice not being stuck in an office all day. You get to drive around, meet new people, people from all walks of life. It keeps you busy, keeps your mind sharp because you are always problem solving.”Vince Hartig

Installer Technician Career Progression and Benefits

  • Paid Training

    With Knight Enterprises, you are paid from the first day you arrive for training.

  • Certifications

    Gain nationally recognized cartifications through NCTI..

  • Apprenticeships

    Continue your education through NCTI with a 1 year apprenticeship to become a Master Installer Certified Technician.

  • Bonus Structure

    Master your metrics and gain extra income by performing well in the field.

  • Veteran Benefits

    As a Veteran, you are able to utilize your GI Bill during the length of the apprenticeship.

  • Employee Benefits

    As a Knight employee, you receive all standard employee benefits: Health Insurance, Dental, Vision, Long and Short Term Disability, and Statutory Holidays off.

  • Production + Hourly Pay

    You will make a standard hourly rate for each tier your progress into, but you also make a percentage of each work order completed!

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A Day in the Life of an Installer Technician

Installer Technicians learn a number of different skills during their professional development. Initially, you will learn the tools, equipment and procedures that aid you in building RF cable systems. From there, you will learn advanced techniques in troubleshooting that RF system from the drop to each individual outlet in a home.

Tools that you will use include signal meters, toners and crimpers. Each technician learns each individual system (cable, internet and phone), and once the technician shows proficiency in each of those systems, he is considered "Triple Play Certified." NCTI's Installer certification, which you obtain during your first two weeks, gets you ready for triple play work.

Honoring Our Veterans

Knight Enterprises helps veterans find their calling after the service by connecting them with the proper training to succeed in the world of telecommunications. We do so by offering our men and women in uniform continued training in a technological field that offers them many avenues for advancement.

The Installer Technician Apprenticeship at Knight Enterprises is a perfect way for our veterans to utilize their GI Bill during their year long training. This allows the veteran to continue their education, collect on their monthly housing allowance from the VA and work full and collect full time hours.