Smart Remote for Home Theater Project

Home Theater systems are the best way to consume the media you watch. It immerses you into the story on a whole new level, but guess what? Home Theater systems are nothing without interactive capability between the system and the user. Your remote is the bridge that brings you into surround sound bliss. With a correctly configured smart remote, you can do a number of functions within your Smart Home System like:

  • Turning on your entire system with a click of a button
  • Control your multi-room system to play different music in each room or sync the music up to one station/playlist
  • Control all your downloaded applications on your TV
  • Link your remote to a Smart Hub or device (like your phone/ipad) which allows your smart device to control the system

As you can see, your smart remote is a powerful tool that will extend your home theater capability to the next level. Are you ready?