Full Scale Home Theater Installation

Do you want a movie theater in your home? Today’s technology makes it extremely easy and affordable to create the perfect full scale home theater environment! Projectors, projector screens, in ceiling speakers and multi-room controllers give you a powerful experience.

These installations are complex and intricate requiring an experienced set of hands to build, sync and calibrate. Chances are, you will require custom wall fishes, organized wiring in a designated Audi/Visual closet. Our senior installers are versed in these full scale installations, and our point-by-point approach allows us to organize your installation for an easy-to-complete approach.

When working with us on full scale home theater, please be prepared for these steps:

  • On-site visits with technicians to verify estimates and preliminary materials
  • Inventorying of products to verify compatibility
  • If possible, provide us a site plan or property survey so we can document where wires will be, where speakers will go and other details of installation