Replacing Multi-Light Light Fixture

Lighting fixture replacements are a simple process and can often be completed in a short amount of time by a qualified low voltage technician and general contractor. Non-standard light fixture replacements usually result in an increase in the total cost. Things that may occur include extensive drywall work if the new light fixture does not fit the existing area.

Issues that may arise that will require you to have a certified electrician handle your replacement include:

  • A short in your electrical system leading to the light fixture
  • Incompatible light fixture that requires a new switch – for instance, a fixture requiring a 3 phase switch, but the existing switch is 2 phase
  • Faulty equipment that will need to be swapped out through your equipment provider
  • Wrong amount of voltage going to the light fixture – can cause damage to the fixture

In any of these scenarios, hiring a certified electrician will be the best course of action.