Ceiling Fan Installed Middle of Ceiling

Ceiling fan replacements are a standard install type that can be done by a low voltage installer and general contractor. Ceiling fan replacements include assembling the fan, removing the old fan, placing the new fan into the current fixture and testing equipment.

Often times, customers do not know if the current fixture would hold a fan as a can light or lighting fixture existed there previously. In these scenarios, this would actually be considered a new fan installation as you would require a fan mounting box to anchor the fan. If you supply the mounting box, there will be no increase in price for the replacement.

Issues may arise during a fan replacement which will take it out of the scope for a standard replacement. These include:

  • A short in the electrical system leading up to the fan
  • Extensive drywall work due to the fan not being able to fit the existing mount
  • Too big of a fan that exceeds the weight limits of the current mount
  • No existing mounting box
  • Limited or too much voltage going to the fan causing failure
  • In these scenarios, our technician will be proficient in diagnosing the issue, but depending on the problem, you may be required to consult a certified electrician.

    We do not haul away the old fan for this installation type.