Pro Home Service Frequently Asked Questions

What is Knight Pro Services?

Pro Services is all about installing your Home Services in a professional manner that leaves you satisfied. We are talking about your home after all. Since the companies inception, circa 1982, we have been on the front end of service installation in regards to our cable, internet and phone installers. Over the years, we have grown to understand our customers. We have a passion for bringing service to life daily, and we are proud to state that now encompasses not just cable services, but TV Wall Mounting, IT Services, Home Theater, Assembly, and more.

What are all the services we offer?

What area do we offer services?

Pro Services is offered in all of our major locations. As we expand the service and grow, we will add the new locations to our contact us here listing. You can find all of our contact information and updated service locations here:

How does this work?

Knight Enterprises Pro Services offers a quick and easy way to schedule appointments. By hopping over to our Home Services page, you can schedule an installation by clicking the “Book Appointment” buttons on the specific service you are interested in. After filling out the form, you will be contacted by someone from our Customer Support to verify your home service installation as well as re-quote you as necessary for any additions you’d like to add.

Once your installation is booked, there is nothing more you have to do aside from waiting for our technician to arrive! We pride ourselves on making our appointments on time, and we will work diligently to make that happen, but on the off chance a technician has not arrived, please call us at 727-524-6235 ext. 400. Our customer support will work with you to address the issue!

When your installation is complete, you may leave a review on a number of our social media site! We love to hear back from our customers; good or bad!

What are our qualifications?

Knight Enterprises has been in business since 1982. We have done work for large Telecommunications contractors for the past 3 decades ranging from residential installation of cable, internet and phone services to commercial installation of those services. We also command a large construction force that builds large scale telecommunication infrastructure in multiple departments like aerial line construction, MDU (Multi Dwelling Unit) construction and coaxial and fiber splicing.

Knight Enterprises holds multiple licenses in the states that we do business which includes:

  • Specialty Electrical Contracting License
  • General Contractor License
  • Underground Utility and Excavation
  • Gas Line Specialty Contractor

We hold very high standards for our technicians, construction works and installers, so when you see a Knight Enterprises installer show up to your door, you know you are receiving a quality installation. Each installer is vetted with a strict background check before on-boarding, and they all complete industry defined safety courses so they understand the safety aspects to each installation.

How does payment of services work?

Payment is done when our technician completes the installation services. Some technicians will be able to process payments on the spot utilizing our on phone application and a credit/debit card you provide. In other scenarios, our technicians may also direct you to our Customer Support line at 727-524-6235 ext. 400 to have them run your payment. On large installations totaling $1,000 or more, we collect 50% upon arrival and 50% upon completion of work.

Upon your fully processed payment, our technician will verify amount processed, and an electronic receipt will be sent to the email you have on file. If you are looking to add an additional service during the installation, inquire with our technician to determine the price of the addition and he will work with you to set up a new appointment, or have it done while he is there. Any additional work will require an additional charge. In this scenario, payment will be the same as the above two mentioned processes.

Scheduling a Service Installation

Scheduling a service installation can be done multiple ways. Our online process is probably the fastest and easiest. By filling out a quick online form, you are able to identify the type of installation, your contact information and the date and time you want to schedule your appoint for. To do so, navigate to our Home Pro Services page, find the service you are looking to have installed and select “book appointment.”

You can also schedule an appointment by contacting our customer support line found at 727-524-6235 ext. 400.

Last, you can schedule an appointment by clicking the chat icon found at the bottom right hand corner of our web page. It is a blue chat bubble that directly connects you to one of our customer service representatives.

Multiple Scopes of Work

Knight Enterprises is affiliated with a number of different companies that help us connect with customer’s looking for installation services that we provide. In these cases, these frequently asked questions may differ depending on where the installation is coming from. In these cases, using their Frequently Asked sections may be of more help to you:

30 Day Installation Guarantee

Knight Enterprises Pro Services offer a 30 day installation guarantee! If there are any issues with the items corresponding to your installation service during the first 30 days after your installation, we will send out a technician with no cost to you to repair the issue you are experiencing. If this extends past the 30 days, it is a $75 charge for a technician to visit, diagnose and fix small issues. It is difficult to determine cause of issues past 30 days, which may not be a result of the installation or replacement itself. Due to this, the scope of work may be more than a general repair, so it could increase the $75 price. Depending on circumstance, we will waive the $75