Innovation in the Work Place, Knight’s Educational Goals

In Company News by Fred Arnold

Knight Enterprises, a telecommunications contractor for Charter, continues on the path of innovation within the workplace by implementing new technology and educational programs.

“We are focusing on creating an environment of opportunity for our employees, customers and business partners to ultimately help everyone thrive and to continue to bring telecommunications services to the lives of so many people,” said Jason Welz, CEO of Knight Enterprises.

With the changing telecommunications landscape, the company aims to offer a more robust training for its employee technicians as well as the technology for those technicians to thrive. This includes new payroll and job management applications.

“If we continue this process, if we continue to increase our ability to get those things done… ultimately, we win, our customer’s win and our business partners win,” said Jason.

Expanding Education Through NCTI Programs

Throughout the companies continued endeavors, partnerships have been made. With help from Learning Alliance Corporation, Knight’s educational landscape evolved into one of structured instruction and mentoring. By bringing together resources from both parties, new technicians now hit the field with advanced knowledge and a fresh NCTI certification under their belt.

Knight Enterprises Apprenticeship Certificate

Jesse Hollenweger started out with Knight Enterprises nine months ago. His experience and training provided him with the stepping stones to succeed, and in those nine months, he achieved the position of Installer Technician Supervisor.

“When I first started with Knight Enterprises, I had almost no experience in the field. My interactions with cable were limited to rebooting my modem every so often when the internet stopped working. I can honestly say that this company thoroughly prepared me for the admittedly unpredictable world of cable,” said Jesse.

Going into 2018, training for Knight employees will continue on past their first ninety days. The Florida Department of Education recently approved a yearlong Technical Communication Engineering Specialist apprenticeship, and Knight Enterprises plans to incorporate a solid career progression for those motivated enough to take on the challenge.

Recruiting for Displaced Veterans

Florida Internet & Television awarded Knight Enterprises the Valued Vendor award for continuing progress in telecommunications. Part of Knight’s progress involved steps to help attract and train veterans in the industry by partnering with companies like Wounded for Wireless and Honor Force who both specialize in veteran recruiting. The apprenticeship that starts in April, 2018 also falls within the Veteran Affairs guidelines for apprenticeship instruction. This means veterans are able to utilize their GI Bill Benefits during the duration of the apprenticeship!

“We were proud to recognize Knight Enterprises as a Florida Internet & Television Valued Vendor for their commitment to strengthening our industry as a whole, and more importantly, the outstanding work they do to attract and retain veterans to the internet and television industry’s workforce,” said Brad Swanson, President and CEO, Florida Internet & Television.