Importance of Being Safe by Marking Wires

In News by Fred Arnold

Safety is of the utmost importance in today’s business world. With all of the catastrophes of the past, people are beginning to understand why safety cannot be an afterthought. Too many peoples’ lives are at risk. This is the case whether you are talking about an office, manufacturing plant, or construction site. One of the most critical aspects of safety is appropriately marking wires. Here is what you need to know:


One of the things that make wires so dangerous is that they are small and narrow. This makes it hard to see them when merely walking by or feeling your way around a wall. If a wire is live, it can electrocute the person causing grave injury or death. The person could live for years with medical problems because of it, even causing them to lose their livelihood.

For these reasons, lawsuits are common when someone is harmed by a wire at work or even if they are in public. And rightfully so. It is dangerous to leave wires unmarked.

Lost Profits

If you are a business, then having a lawsuit like this can bankrupt you. Or you could gain a bad reputation and lose employees, sinking your profits. It is never worth it to avoid safety measures. So what do you do?:

Wire Location

You should have clear markings with signs when there are exposed wires nearby. Mention if the cable is live or not, and have it marked. You should have different markings for different kinds of cables. This is also for people who are working on the wires. It lets them know which kind it is so they can quickly fix electrical issues if the power goes down.

Color Codes

There are different color codes used for wires. Read up on your local color codes to ensure there is no confusion. A wrong color could mean a dangerous situation and potential death or lawsuit like mentioned above. Use bright colors as well so they stand out and are noticeable from a distance.

Training and Awareness

With the right training, you can make your team aware of the correct methods to cut, splice, and remove wires. Always ensure they are complying with OSHA and have the right safety protection gear. Eyeglasses, rubber gloves, and grounded boots are all essential when dealing with live wires. If necessary, provide this equipment to your workers. However, in some states, you can have them purchase them. Still, a small investment and some training are well worth the cost.

Audits and Reviews

It can be tempting to assume that everyone on your team is marking the wires as they should. However, this is not always the case. Plus, many people make mistakes. To ensure you don’t have any issues you should conduct regular reviews and audits. There are outside companies you can hire to perform these.


You could lose your license to conduct business in your area for your industry if you don’t mark wires. It is no joking matter, and many companies have suffered this fate. Don’t make the mistake of failing to perform all of the safety measures above or you could follow suit.

When it comes to the modern day workplace, it is a lot safer than it was in the past. However, many things still need to be done. And you need to be diligent that you and everyone you work with are out of harm’s way. All it takes is one mistake to end someone’s life, career, or day. So make sure you mark your wires and always carry a safe approach to your job, even if it means investing a little extra time up front.