Home Thermostat Replacement

In by Fred Arnold

Replacement of Smart Home Thermostat

Thermostat replacement comes in two different types – Standard and Smart Home. Smart Home Thermostats are different in terms of scope because there is a networking component where the technician has to connect your thermostat to smart devices.

Our installers are proficient in replacement services for thermostats. Generally, thermostats are interchangeable since they all require the same type of wires:

  • C Wire, or your common wire which is blue or black
  • A red wire which indicates a furnace transformer. If this exists you may have one or two RC red wires which are dedicated to heat/cooling calls
  • A G wire which is green and is used for the fan
  • A wire that controls heat, which is white known as the W wire
  • Last is the yellow wire, or Y wire, which controls the air conditioner

When you have a standard thermostat and you switch to another standard thermostat, issues you may run into are limited. However, if you are switching to a smart thermostat, compatibility with your AC unit components may occur. This usually occurs with older AC units as the older components do not translate over to the newer design of smart thermostats.