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Full Scale Home Theater Set Up

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$120 to $5,000+ (depends on complexity)

Home Theater projects can range from easy to difficult depending on the scope of your installation. If you prefer a full scale immersion while watching movies and shows, home theater is a must. Home Theater components we install:

  • Projectors and projector screens
  • Surround Sound - 2.1, 5.1, 7.1 systems/wired and wireless/in wall, in ceiling, on wall
  • Sound bars
  • Setting up non-professional smart remotes (this means remotes that we can gain access to their programming like Logitech Hermony)
  • Receivers and Multi-room controllers

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5 Smart Remote Miller W.

Great job. Successfully handled each “curve ball” during setup, and stayed until job was successfully completed.

5 Sound Bar David T.

Tech mounted soundbar on tv instead of to wall, at my request. This mount no more difficult or time consuming than wall mounting.

5 Sound Bar Robert C.

good job

5 Sound Bar Dr. K

Very knowledgeable technician. Personable as well as expert.

5 Full Home Theater Kriyasurya

He was great!!

5 Sound Bar Michael J.

all controls explained&tv speakers turned off leaving sound thru sound bar. very satisfied now

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