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$250 to $5,000+ (depending on complexity)

In the US, 11% of home owners have some type of Home Security system. That number continues to rise yearly and for good reason. As smart technology enters the scene, the capability of security systems increases. News stories of security camera door locks identifying a thief are on the rise. You can own a security system free of a provider through 3rd party equipment. All you need is an installer! We are an installer and do not provide security camera services. What's included with this service:

  • Camera placement consultation
  • Mounting all customer-supplied cameras
  • Running cables from cameras to customer-supplied monitor or recording device
  • Concealing cables in walls, attic or conduit (onsite inspection may result in additional costs)
  • Programming and tutorial for system use

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5 Jay W.

Bottom line: if you are looking here for home theater services, save yourself time by just calling Knight Enterprises for home theater, security, and smart-home services.

5 Brendan M.

All went great today. The tech did a fantastic job. He went above and beyond, especially considering some unforeseen obstacles in the attic. Thank you for arranging him to come out. Please pass the positive feedback along to him and any supervisors.

1 Roxanna


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