Garage Door Opener Replacement

In by Fred Arnold

Replacement of Garage Door Opener

This service only includes the garage door opener. We do not install full scale garage doors. Anything out of the scope of a general replacement will result in a re-quote of the job price or the job may have to be referred to a full scale garage door installer. Replacement of garage door openers are simply the motor that controls your garage door. These come in a number of types like smart openers that can link to and be controlled by your smart devices. Things to keep in mind when we are replacing your garage door opener:

  • It is dangerous. The cord that controls the doors up and down movement is attached to two ends. How tight this cord has to be stretched to accommodate the garage door creates a lot of pressure. The installer has to take a part the garage door track assembly completely to get the new motor installed which means being in close proximity to that cord while dismantling it
  • It may take some time depending on the amount of pieces involved in the replacement
  • Linking to your smart devices is not included in the scope of work so it may result in a higher price