Who we are.

Knight Enterprises is a leading provider of integrated communication solutions. As a total solutions company we are able to assist companies with any part of their communications infrastructure projects as well as deliver a complete turnkey solution tailored to a specific need. We have quickly grown to become one of the largest, privately owned communications infrastructure providers in North America by constantly exceeding our customer’s expectations. Our expertise spans everything from underground, directional boring and aerial construction to fully integrating video, voice and data over a fiber backbone.

We have the extensive skills and equipment inventory essential to source any size job. We pursue every job with an eye towards uncompromised quality, safety and value for our customers.

Our Core Values are:

Accident Free Service

We aim to take care of your needs under proper construction safety guidelines. Our Installers are all given the most up to date safety training, and we provide safety field auditors to make sure our technicians are providing a safe experience to our customers.

Operational Excellence

Knight Enterprises has been around since 1982. During the last 30 years, we have found a solid way of operating that maximizes our efficiency for our customers. As we move forward in the 21st century, we aim to incorporate new technology to continue the trend of excellence.

Team Environment

Knight Enterprises was not soley built by one person. It took many people with many different ideas and expertise to come together. As we move forward, we will always listen and consider all ideas as a team.

Employee Opportunity

As the company grows, so does the need for motivated employees. We aim to build career progression through apprenticeships that create better education, preparation and training for techs in the field.

How we work.

Since 1982, we have built a time proven track record of delivering unrivaled value, support, and expertise to our customers in everything we do. We tackle every opportunity with attention to detail and an overwhelming commitment to providing the highest possible quality of service, and we are committed to a systematic process of achieving quality that involves all aspects of our business and the continuous improvement of everything we do.

Each member of the Knight Enterprises team knows that our business image is on the line every time they engage an existing or prospective customer. Because of this, we treat everyone with the utmost respect and never compromise on quality. Our employees and sub-contractors consist of certified and highly experienced personnel in their individual fields of work.

To augment that experience, we continuously train our employees to ensure that each individual is kept up to date, and even strides ahead of the latest technologies and methods. Our motivated team of sub-contractors compliments that again by continually training and advancing themselves to always remain well versed in our technologies and services and they consistently prove to be a knowledgeable and resourceful workforce.