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5 Tips to Maintain Your Home’s High-Tech Gadgets

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Far too many people believe the myth that electronic devices require no maintenance. This belief partly comes from a misunderstanding about what solid-state electronics are and partly from the subconscious feeling that pretty much anything can be rather cheaply replaced anyway.

Nevertheless, electronics, and especially any device with particularly sensitive circuitry can wear out and can have its life dramatically shortened if it is not properly maintained and protected from hazards. Most people would never guess where these risks can arise, which is one reason so many electronics fail much sooner than they should.

If you want to do a better job of maintaining your gear, here are some things to consider.


Heat is destructive to electronics. Not only does everyday circuitry perform sub-optimally at high temperatures, but exposure to prolonged heat tends to break down the kinds of materials that hold most electronics together. This breakdown is one reason among many that most high-end electronics are kept in an air-conditioned space where there are few sources of prolonged heat.

Temperature Variance

Second only to prolonged heat in its capacity to destroy electronics, regular changes in temperature can quite literally rip electronics apart. An excellent example of a place where the temperature changes consistently and regularly is a kitchen appliance or anywhere near or above an oven or refrigerator.

When temperatures are alternately cold and then warm, they put stress on electronics which can cause them to fail prematurely. Having well-regulated air conditioning from a company check your system can help mitigate these kinds of issues. It is of urgent importance you keep your air conditioning in good repair.


It is generally inadvisable to put electronics in a place with excessive dust. Particulates can foul fans and vents over time and can accumulate on surfaces, attracting moisture and exacerbating temperature issues. If at all possible, your indoor environment should have some filtering system to keep particulates away from your devices. Over time, dust can cause complete failure of some kinds of devices, especially desktop and notebook computers.


With modern air conditioning, humidity isn’t usually as much of a problem as temperature variance or dust. It can be if you are in an unusually humid area like the American southeast, for example. Make sure your air conditioning is set to moderate humidity, as condensation and moisture can not only cause your devices to wear out but can also cause catastrophic failures in extreme circumstances.

Clean Surfaces

You should regularly clean the surfaces of your electronic devices. If grime and bacteria are allowed to grow, it can attract bugs, especially ants. Particles can find their way inside your devices, especially those with keyboards and external ports for hardware. None of these are good for your devices.

Once you’ve established an excellent clean environment for your gear, you’ll find your devices are much less susceptible to unusual wear and tear. You might even see you like that part of your house or office better as well.


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