5 Security System Trends That Will Keep You On Your Feet

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While security systems probably still have sensors for your windows and doors, these useful units offer even more now. Installing some upgrades, including a wireless network, can help you to have even more security in your dwelling place.

Flood Detectors

Whether you’re worried about weather conditions, your proximity to a body of water or a burst pipe destroying your home when you aren’t there, flood detectors can help to alleviate these concerns. These sensors work just as the other sensors on your alarm do, sounding off the alarm if a potential threat begins to manifest.

Fire Sensors

Many people sincerely fear a fire, especially when they are asleep or away from home. You can avoid extensive fire damage with a heat sensing smoke detector. These sensors are designed to detect heat and smoke and to send an alert to the fire department if a problem comes to fruition. Fast response times are imperative when it comes to a fire in your house.

Carbon Monoxide

The ability of an alarm to test for smoke and fire is crucial as its skill in detecting carbon monoxide, which can lead to death. Make sure to select a system that will alert the proper authorities if this poison is detected in your home.

Home Automation

You’ve probably gone to work one day only to realize that you forgot to set the heat for the right time, or you’ve likely stayed out later than you planned and wished you had put the porch light on. With home automation, you can take care of these issues remotely. Working with the alarm company allows you to set up a system where you can control your home even when you aren’t there.

Home Automation has become a go to source of convenience for many people. You can link every electronic in your home so that things happen in a reprogrammed manner. You want your garage door to open when you pull up from work? No problem. You want your AC to kick on 30 minutes before you arrive home, also no problem! Everything about a Home Automation system is easily accessible via your mobile device. And Knight Enterprises can kick off your Home Automation system just right with our related Home Services.

Monitoring through Mobile Devices

Maybe you’ve wondered how your pets are doing while you’re away at work or what the teenagers are up to when you’ve gone on a business trip. On the other hand, you may like the idea of seeing who is standing on your stoop any time the doorbell rings. The ability to monitor the house through your mobile device allows you to check in on all of these situations and more.

The world of alarm systems has evolved since these useful tools first appeared on the scene. Now, you have the opportunity to procure even more control over your home, whether you’re present or not, and more safety for you and your loved ones.

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