Audit, installation of all necessary lighting, and warranty. We hope to help you save money, and quite literally our planet, one LED light at a time.


Knight Energy Services was created to help businesses, along with local and state governments, GO GREEN when it comes to lighting. We retrofit large-scale facilities with the latest LED lighting technology with no up-front costs. With our unique access to this technology we are able to pass on incredible savings each of our customers.  Details


  • Audit of Existing Lighting
  • Computerized Comparison by KES Engineers
  • Print out of Energy Savings, Products and Payment Method (contract period)

Design and Engineer

  • Designed Retrofit (Design & Approve)
  • Scope of Work Tailored to Clients’ Needs
  • Timeline for On-Time Completion


  • No Disruptions to Daily Operation
  • Maintain a Clean Working Environment
  • Replacement and Management of Products for Duration of Contract